MKM Kinematic Mount Assembly Instructions
Identify Components

Identify the mating components. In a three-legged mount there are three 2-DOF (“V”) mating elements. In a four-legged mount there are two 2-DOF (“V”) mating elements and two 1-DOF (“D”) mating elements.

Each element comprises a bottom component that naturally attaches to the "floor" or "base", and a top component that naturally attaches to the "payload". The top mating component is the one that contains the two collars, protected by an external tube. This polarity is not mandatory.

Retainer Nuts

Only if installing a retained mating element, insert two spherical nuts into the two grooves in the interface, spherical side facing up.

Insert Pins

Insert pins into baseplates (2 pins per plate). The bottom components use two identical pins, and the top components use one large central pin and one clocking pin.

Place components over matching holes and press down. There is no need to press them all the way, since the next step will ensure they are flush against the host surface.

When locating 1-DOF ("D") components, ensure that the top and bottom components are in opposite orientation, or else they will not be able to engage properly.


Bolt the baseplates into place, using four bolts each. The provided bolts are class 12.9, so torque limits are determined by the material of the host component.

Collar elements

Insert the flexible Collar elements into the top components. 2-DOF components take a BiCollar element, and 1-DOF components take a UniCollar element.

In either case, the flexible element fits in a groove in the protective external tube. Before inserting it into the groove, place the Collar(s) in contact with the sphere(s) to ensure correct clocking, and only then finesse the flexible membrane into the groove.

The membrane can subsequently be taken out for inspection or cleaning.

Check Assembly

Place the "payload" on the "base", and confirm that all mating elements match and engage properly. The tube that protects the two collars should have a clearance of about 1 mm.

Install Retainers

Only if installing a retained mating element, insert each retainer assembly into the holes in the "payload". .

Tighten screws, contact, count turns

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