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Spherolinder Kinematic Mount

Ruggedized kinematic mount system.
Modular Kinematic Mounts

Ruggedized kinematic mount system for
use in industrial enviroments.
Technology Comparison

BiCollar vs. Spherolinder
Kinematic Mounts for Optical Tables

Low-cost modular kinematic mount system for use in lab environments.
Four Legged Foundation System

A four-legged kinematic foundation system for optical beds.
Integrated/Embedded Mounts

Custom plate-to-plate interface, per you specifications.

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Kinematic Mounts for Optical Tables (OTx)

OTx products are intended for lab-duty use, and are designed to attach directly to optical tables and breadboards. The mount is designed for horizontal applications, room temperature, atmospheric environment. Static load limit is 500 kg per mount point, and both 3-legged and 4-legged products are available. OTM for Metric, OTS for Standard optical grids.

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Metric Grid 3-Groove (2-2-2) SetOTM-3G-SET$
3-Groove (2-2-2) TopOTM-3G-TOP$
3-Groove (2-2-2) BottomOTM-3G-BTM$
Cone-Groove-Flat (3-2-1) SetOTM-CGF-SET$
Cone-Groove-Flat (3-2-1) TopOTM-CGF-TOP$
Cone-Groove-Flat (3-2-1) BottomOTM-CGF-BTM$
4-legged (2-2-1-1) SetOTM-2G2D-SET$
4-legged (2-2-1-1) TopOTM-2G2D-TOP$
4-legged (2-2-1-1) BottomOTM-2G2D-BTM$
4-legged (3-1-1-1) SetOTM-C3D-SET$
4-legged (3-1-1-1) TopOTM-C3D-TOP$
4-legged (3-1-1-1) BottomOTM-C3D-BTM$
Metric Grid 3-Groove (2-2-2) SetOTS-3G-SET$
3-Groove (2-2-2) TopOTS-3G-TOP$
3-Groove (2-2-2) BottomOTS-3G-BTM$
Cone-Groove-Flat (3-2-1) SetOTS-CGF-SET$
Cone-Groove-Flat (3-2-1) TopOTS-CGF-TOP$
Cone-Groove-Flat (3-2-1) BottomOTS-CGF-BTM$
4-legged (2-2-1-1) SetOTS-2G2D-SET$
4-legged (2-2-1-1) TopOTS-2G2D-TOP$
4-legged (2-2-1-1) BottomOTS-2G2D-BTM$
4-legged (3-1-1-1) SetOTS-C3D-SET$
4-legged (3-1-1-1) TopOTS-C3D-TOP$
4-legged (3-1-1-1) BottomOTS-C3D-BTM$

Modular Kinematic Mounts (MKM)

MKM products are intended for industrial duty, are designed for high-cycle operation, high loads, and are available in various sizes. Both 3-legged and 4-legged configurations are available.

For more information, see Product page

BC0500 3-Groove (222) Basic SetBC0500-MKM-3G-SET$
Top side onlyBC0500-MKM-3G-TOP$
Top Extended TravelBC0500-MKM-3G-TOPx$
Bottom side onlyBC0500-MKM-3G-BTM$
Spherolinder adapterBC0500-MKM-3G-SPH$
BC0500 Cone-Groove-Flat (321) Basic SetBC0500-MKM-CGF-SET$
Top side onlyBC0500-MKM-CGF-TOP$
Bottom side onlyBC0500-MKM-CGF-BTM$
BC0500 4-Legged (2211) Basic SetBC0500-MKM-2G2D-SET$
Bottom (C) side onlyBC0500-MKM-2G2D-BTM$
Top (V) side onlyBC0500-MKM-2G2D-TOP$
BC0500 4-Legged (3111) Basic SetBC0500-MKM-C3D-SET$
Bottom (C) side onlyBC0500-MKM-C3D-BTM$
Top (V) side onlyBC0500-MKM-C3D-TOP$
BC0500 6-Legged Basic SetBC0500-MKM-6D-SET$
BC0375 Coming Soon!
BC0750 Coming Soon!

Spherolinder Modular Mounts (SPH)

The Spherolinder is our original product line. It is intended for industrial duty, and has the highest load capacity for a given mating surface interface radius. All mating components are fabricated from hardened and precision ground 440C stainless steel. SPH mounts always have three mating elements.

For more information, see Product page
M10 Side A (V and Spherolinders, blind)SPH-M10-BTM-BLIND$2970
Side A (V and Spherolinders, thru)SPH-M10-BTM-THRU$3120
Side B (Cone blocks, common)SPH-M10-TOP$975
M25 Side A (V and Spherolinders, blind)SPH-M25-BTM-BLIND$3255
Side A (V and Spherolinders, thru)SPH-M25-BTM-THRU$3435
Side B (Cone blocks, common)SPH-M25-TOP$1125
M50 Side A (V and Spherolinders, blind)SPH-M50-BTM-BLIND$9000
Side A (V and Spherolinders, thru)SPH-M50-BTM-THRU$9600
Side B (Cone blocks, common)SPH-M50-TOP$2700