Four Legged Foundation System

The FLF product family is a four-legged kinematic foundation system for free-standing bodies. It allows a rigid object to be placed kinematically over a non-flat featureless floor with its weight equally distributed over four legs. Even if the object were to subsequently warp (due to load, thermal expansion, etc), it will still not rock, and the its weight would remain equally distributed over the four legs.

The foundation system does not rely on floor friction, and so would function equally well if one of the legs were to be placed on an oil stain, for example. The system also guarantees that no relative motion occurs between the four pads even if the load or load distribution changes and even if the supported object warps.

The system is up-scalable to any size, and can support leg arrangements that are not rectangular.

The bottom frame tubes of FLF systems are fabricated based on the customer's platform dimensions, and are not included in the pricing below. For tubes over 6' long, to save on shipping costs, we can provide drawings to your local tube cutter.

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Four Legged Foundation Catalog
Basic Set
(no frame)
-375 (12 ton)FLF0375-4BAS$
-438 (15 ton)FLF0438-4BAS$
-500 (20 ton)FLF0500-4BAS$
-625 (30 ton)FLF0625-4BAS$
-750 (50 ton)FLF0750-4BAS$